Pravana Fresh volumizing dry shampoo



  • Product Details
  • Fresh dry shampoo absorbs oil and refreshes hair and is formulated with lighter ingredients that don’t leave behind a white, powdery residue. Use Fresh dry shampoo to create clean and light texture that’s easy to work with and doesn’t weigh the hair down.
  • Features and Benefits
  • - Provides Internal Strength and Body to the Hair
  • - Gives Hair Added Shine and Smooth, Soft Feel
  • - Detoxify and Eliminate Germ Caused Odors from the Hair
  • - Sunflower Oil Rich Ingredient provides both UV Protection and is a powerful anti-oxidant which eliminates free radicals from the scalp
  • - A Natural Mineral which gently and thoroughly cleanses hair by trapping oils, and product residue, and holds them in suspension until they are brushed from the hair